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YDA Conducts Public Sector Internship Program for College Students

Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education Conducts Public Sector Internship Program for College Students

Youth Development Administration of Ministry of Education’s Public Sector Internship Program for College Students is open for registration in February. Central governmental agencies under Judicial Yuan, Examination Yuan and Executive Yuan will provide a variety of internship opportunities. The 3 stages of internship periods include April to May, July to August and October to November. College students who are currently enrolled and would like to take part in the operation of the government could register online at

Youth Development Administration points out that the number of people who apply for the national exam is increasing by the year. The public sector has become an employment option for most young people. However, certain qualifications must be met in order to enter the public sector, and youth must pass the national exam in order to be eligible for hiring. To give the youth an opportunity to be familiarized with how the government operates and what the work entails, the Administration has been coordinating with the central agencies to provide the internships.

The intern period for each stage is 100 hours with an annual maximum of 200 hours. If the intern has requested for applying the internship hours toward school credits, certifications will be provided. However, this program does not provide any stipend.