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"Taiwanese Young Knight Project"

“Taiwanese Young Knight Project” Organized by National Youth Commission, Executive Yuan

Taiwanese Young Knight Project

A. Background of the Project

To put the Taiwanese Young Knight Project proposed by President Ma into practice and positively encourage youth participation in international affairs and concern about development abroad and at home, “Regional Peace Voluntary Team” is set up to call for Taiwan's youth to participate positively in helping the poor, the weak, sustainable development and other volunteering services in home and abroad.

B. Content of the Project

  • To propose issues meeting social context, guide direction of services for youth volunteers and deepen the value of youth volunteering 
    (1) to publicize movement and establish cooperation partnership 
    (2) to develop diverse youth volunteering projects of home and abroad 
    (3) to strengthen training and teaching, research and development for improving volunteers' capacity 
    (4) to organize conventions for each anniversary of establishment of “Regional Peace Voluntary Team”

  • To set up a national youth volunteering platform, continue expanding and enhancing energy for making services in each youth volunteering center, and strengthen the network of juvenile volunteering and service and learning. 
    (1) to construct a policy implementation mechanism 
    In “Regional Peace Voluntary Team,” Taiwan's President and Premier of Executive Yuan will be invited as the honorary chief and the honorary deputy chief of the team respectively. The executive committee is in charge of team affairs. There are 25 seats in this committee. They include 10 representatives from relevant departments implementing youth volunteering business in Taiwan (Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Council for Culture Affairs, Environmental Protection Administration, Department of Health, Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission, National Science Council, Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs Commission, National Youth Commission), 10 representatives from organizations which positively employ youth volunteering and 5 experts and scholars. National Youth Commission's (NYC) chairman plays a role as a convener which is in charge of tasks of the board secretariat, NYC. 
    (2) to construct a youth volunteering network

  • To expand a youth volunteering platform into its internationalization, construct a friendly environment of international youth volunteering and offer opportunities of sharing and exchanging ideas internationally 
    (1) to encourage youth volunteers and youth volunteering managers to take part in conferences and activities related to international voluntary affairs and to share experiences of Taiwan with others 
    (2) to encourage youth volunteering organizations to join international networks, send representatives to visit volunteering organizations with international fame and also take internship, and sign cooperative-project contracts 
    (3) to help deepen volunteering organizations in international spots, strengthen consultancy about youth volunteering and achievement assessments, create youth volunteering opportunities and improve service quality. 
    (4) to continue helping International Resource Center under the International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE-IRC), provide opportunities for youth volunteers to participate in international services, and strengthen the roles and functions in international exchange platforms. 
    (5) to assist IAVE Taiwan to organize its 12th Asia Pacific Youth Forum in 2009.