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Youth Action Plans

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Youth Action PlansYouth Action Plans

Participation, Partner and Engagement

“Youth Action Plan” is National Youth Commission's creation -- a new model of long-term promotion for non-profit organizations. It is another platform and channel for promoting youth participation through relationship of cooperative partnership and the power of non- profit organizations. The Youth Action Plan is also developed via National Youth Commission's association and cooperation with NPOs . The plan's contents involve subjects such as construction of communities, local cultural and industrial development, voluntary and communal services, cultivation of education, care of aboriginal tribes and youngsters, and so on. This is a new channel in which citizens' social vigour is fully represented and youth participations in citizen's social activities is developed.

Think Globally, Act Locally

Youth Action Plan includes two directions -- “Youth Action Plan for Participation in Community” and “Taiwanese Youth Action Plan for Participation in International Affairs.” The main purpose is to help young people to play roles in both local and international communities and help them change from individuals into global citizens. Meanwhile , if they can be recognized and praised in their communities , they will feel encouraged and continue caring about public affairs. After NPO from every local community with young people working and livening up its organization, there will be more diverse, creative, vigorous and abundant results. Through the youth action plan, in the process from deepening locally to connecting globally, young people can renew themselves after their participation. At the same time, the communities and the world can be changed for the better because of them.

Features for the Plan -- Diverse, Unique and Creative Plan

The subjects of the Action Plan are very wide. Its whole participation level is from community, through regions, to the global world. It is hoped that young people are engaged with local affairs first, then cross and integrate other regions to act together, and then make a connection with the world and international exchange of learning experience. Finally, the thoughtful ideas resulting from the world connection can be transferred into dynamics of local action and become the vigorous source for deepening communities in the future.

The Youth Action Plan, with different characteristics and levels, pays attention to participation and the voices of youth from minorities. Every young participant has his or her uniqueness to make very different contributions. With encouragement of this plan, youths' vigour and persistence will continue. And also their creativity and potential can be brought into full play and their responsibility in society can be deepened.

Youth, the Power of Moving Society

This action plan's main processing approach is to recruit young people in public to organize teams in a voluntary way – individuals can apply through NPO of schools, colleges or universities, groups can invite NGO's representatives who have engaged with issues related to youths, or experts or scholars of study-field research become professionals to help groups schedule action plans, think about ideas, take part, and make assessments. After groups win the selection, through cultivation, correction and enrichment, the plan can be implemented. They can join in a series of action projects.

Youths are the focus of this plan and its prime mover and main concern. Therefore, in the process of the initial thoughts, implementation and evaluation of “Youth Action Plan,” young people can all join in. We like to bring their creative ideas into action as much as possible.

After this plan is carried out, through feedback activities, fruitful results and the printing of story books, stories about young people can be widely publicized. As a result, it is hoped that there will be more impact so that more young people can feel moved and then care about communities and international affairs. It is also hoped that young people can fulfill their dreams of changing society.

If you like to know more about “Youth Action Plan,” please go to , or make inquires about “Youth Action Plan for Participation in Community” by dialing 02-7736-5233 or about “Taiwanese Youth Action Plan for Participation in International Affairs” by dialing 02-7736-5583.