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RICH Workplace Experiential Network

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RICH Workplace Experiential Network

RICH Workplace Experiential Network-Projects
Since 2002, Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education has helped students meet four major spiritual objectives, improvement, intelligence, confidence and health, handled the RICH work-study program and brought together relevant colleges and universities, civil manufactures, public departments and contributions of non-profit organizations to provide a quality work-study environment for college students. In addition to providing compensation for their work with which to support themselves during school, it will enable young students to accumulate career experiences and increase workplace capability for the future. .

Besides the general work-study program, in order to serve more youth population, Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education not only continues developing the opportunities of work-study but has also established projects where youth work in the community in summer and the college students learn at public departments and these were integrated into a website, “RICH Workplace Experiential Network”. In 2009 a coordination system for workplace experiences for youth was added to provide youth with more diverse opportunities for workplace experience. The core of the website is the “matching platform” supplemented by “refined service”, and it has become the information platform for various workplace experiences for youth in high school or older.

2.Project objectives
A. To help youth meet four major spiritual objectives, improvement, intelligence, confidence and health, and provide a quality workplace experience for youth.
B. In addition to pay for their work with which to support themselves during school, it will enable young students to accumulate career experiences and increase capabilities for the future in the workplace.
C.The core of the “RICH Workplace Experiential Network” is the “matching platform” supplemented by “refined service”. It strives to be a richer, more friendly, efficient and flexible website enabling it to become a more complete information service for workplace experience and matching platform.

3.The website
The plan is summarized below:
A. RICH general work-study program: bringing together private enterprise, public agencies, colleges and universities, and non-profit organizations to provide youth with various work-study opportunities to help them accumulate work experiences in school and foster their employability.
B. Program for youth working in the community in summer: to provide young students with the opportunity to participate in community work and social welfare service during summer vacation for one and half months to enhance students’ care for and solidarity with the community and increase their willingness to return to work or start a business in the future.
C.Program to promote skills development among college students in public departments: handled by Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education together with government departments to help college students understand the structure of the organizational culture and public policies of government departments and executive processes and encourage students to participate in public affairs with reference to future development and planning.

4.Method of execution
The website is open for free to human resources departments of public departments, for-profit enterprises and non-profit organizations to register according to each program of workplace experiences to provide work opportunities, and youth to apply online by registering their needs and to work after an interview with the employer. The location, time and purpose are in accordance with program regulations.

5.Expected benefits
A. Make the website active enable it to become a network information platform for participation, interaction and sharing, and build a people-friendly operating interface which the user can operate more easily and more humanely.
B. Youth can shorten the time spent finding employment and successfully make the transition between the education system and labor market through the helpful matching function.
C. To provide an opportunity for employers to develop human resources and increase opportunities for them to select outstanding employees.
D. To provide tools to obtain information on workplace tends as well as self-assessment questionnaires to cultivate the concept of career planning and help youth build career goals and directions for the future by sharing the knowledge of experienced people.