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Youth Summer Community Work Program

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Youth Summer Community Work Program

In order to increase youth understanding of the employment market and facilitate early career planning, the Youth Development Administration (YDA) has planned various programs for youths to gain work experience. Of these programs, the “Youth Summer Community Work Program” facilitates job experiences in fields such as community industry, social welfare services, charities and other non-profit organizations. This provides students enrolled in university and higher learning institutes with quality part-time work opportunities which will help them experience, learn, explore and enhance their competitiveness when it comes to career development. 

Within the program, the YDA is open to proposals from non-profit organizations throughout Taiwan to provide summer part-time job opportunities. Once job opportunities pass YDA approval, they are listed on the “RICH Workplace Experiential Network” for students at university level and above to submit resumes. Youths who successfully obtain job opportunities after interviews must attend a pre-employment seminar organized by the YDA, to understand more about non-profit organizations, occupational ethics and related part-time work rights. Their compensation during the summer part-time work period is subsidized by the YDA. Visits are also arranged to understand how the part-time work situation is working out for youths. After the job period, a reflection competition is hosted so that youths who worked at different organizations throughout the nation can learn from one another and share their reflections via the competition.

This program helps youths experience the job market early, while still in school. They gain a better understanding of the job market through actual experience, facilitating career development. At the same time, the creative assistance of youth vitality aids development within non-profit organizations, creating a win-win effect.