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Youth Policy Union Project

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Youth Policy Union Project


Promoting youth's enthusiasm for public participation, encouraging youths to take an active part in public affairs, accumulating young human capital, hosting Youth Policy Union events, establishing a national platform where youths can submit policy suggestions to the government, and incorporating youth ideas and creativity into governmental policies has shown marked performance over the years. Based upon the experience and foundation of policy implementation over several years, student self-government organizations across various colleges will be promoted and guided, so that youths can continue to take part in establishing public policies and the nation’s policy creativity development work in various innovative manners. It will provide diverse channels for policy participation both at school and out of school that serves to expand the efficiency of youth policy participation.

B.Project Goals

I. Establish youth policy participation platforms, and expand youth policy participation channels
II. Nurture youth policy participation talent, and enhance youth policy participation capabilities
III. Enhance civil mindedness of youths, and facilitate youths to be concerned about public issues

C.Strategies Implemented and Key Measures

I. Establish the Youth Policy Participation Platform
(I) Host Youth Policy Forums
Youth Policy Forums, from local forums to national conferences, should be continuously promoted, incorporating informed discussion, active listening, rational conversation, respect, tolerance and other founding principles into forum itinerary design and implementation. This will allow participating youths to take part in policy discussion dialogues while also allowing them to begin to experience the true meaning of public discussion. Not requiring reaching consensus or conclusions makes the forums a better tool for discussion. Conference design will be reviewed annually to ensure the policy forum model remains viable.
(II) Host Youth Team Policy Development Competitions (2016 renamed Youth Group Policy Proposal Competition)
The themes of proposals are current key policy issues for the government. Youths organize their own teams to submit creative policy proposals into a competition, strengthening the cooperation model between related university departments. Training courses are also held to establish networks of communication and suggestions within governmental departments and between the winning teams and the government. This allows teams of youth to provide suggestions which better fit the needs of governmental policies. The winning teams will not only be awarded, but also encouraged to exhibit their finished work and implement subsequent actions, allowing policy development benefits to deepen and develop.
(III) Promote One Day visiting events
The visiting events program matches National Youth Policy Forum representatives and award winning teams from the Youth Group Policy Proposal Competition with government leader internships. This allows outstanding youths and teams to understand more about organizational leader’s policy strategies and decision making processes through on-site observation. This will subsequently facilitate more practical policy development participation and suggestions.
II. Nurture Youth Policy Participation Talent
(I) Host Youth Policy Forum Host Talent Training
In response to the necessary abilities for policy forum hosts, team members are required to go through stages of training, which combines discussion modes from The World Café, debate and knowledge of negotiation. This serves to train conference hosts with hosting and critical thinking skills, strengthening subsequent practice opportunities for hosts to assist in Youth Policy Forum hosting work. This facilitates better implementation of Youth Policy Forums, allowing more youths to come in contact with and take part in public discussions.
(II) Guidance and Promotion for College Student Organizations
Regional seminars, achievements competition and demonstration events, development and heritage camps, guidance teacher training camps, self-governance organization surveys, and establish exchange platforms that target presidents of college student associations or student council presidents will be hosted. This equips youth with the capability for policy participation, enhances related knowledge and fortifies operational quality throughout the organization. This also enhances the importance of self-governing organizations in colleges, and highlights student-focused education and learning to take place.
III. Expand Opportunities for Youth Policy Participation
Establish the Youth Advisory Committee
The Youth Advisory Committee serves to strengthen youth advisory functions, establish a bridge of communication between youth and the government, transmit opinion of youth, and provide strategic suggestions. Actualize the role and function of youth participation policy and opinion advisory so that governmental policies implemented meet youth needs more.

D.Future Vision

Investing in youth is investing in the future of the nation. In the future, continual assistance will be provided to develop knowledge related to youth public participation, establishing platforms for youth to “think, converse, act” as well as comprehensive youth policy consultancy mechanisms, strengthening the subjectivity of youth throughout the public policy setting and implementation process, while providing youth with opportunities for comprehensive policy participation. From nurturing citizenship and civility in schools to providing opportunities for public participation outside of school, these efforts will lead youth toward a more mature society of citizens. The policy suggestions from youth will serve as a force for change through rational discussions.