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Public Affairs Youth Talent Training Plan

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Public Affairs Youth Talent Training Plan


To encourage youths to gain more of an understanding of public affairs and actively participate in community service, youth will be guided to learn more about major public issues in society and learn more about the culture of their homeland and local needs, cultivating a sense of identity with the land in youths. This plan will train youth aged 18 to 35 who hold a passion for public affairs, inspire community consciousness and local emotions amongst youth, showing concern for disadvantaged social groups and enhancing capability of the young to participate in public affairs and participation in local communities. At the same time, the creativity and vigor of youths is utilized to place what they learn into action so a force for social change is accumulated as youth impact increases.

B. Goals

I. Encourage youths to understand the content of public affairs and enhance knowledge related to youth public participation.
II. Inspire youth creativity and vitality through courses so the knowledge learned can be applied to concrete actions. This can then become a positive force to change society as youth affect more youth by serving as examples.

C. Project Protocol

Training camps were held in Northern, Central, and Southern Taiwan for this plan, with the following training course content:
I. Multiple Issue Public Affairs Seminar
Course content arranged for training activities include the young generation and public affairs, social, corporate and community care, social changes and life values, developments and challenges for new immigrants in Taiwanese society, community building and social power, land care, rebuilding farm villages and other popular contemporary public affairs issues.
II. Community Field Visit Events and Group Feedback
This plan arranged for youths to visit representative communities for in-depth field visits to learn and interact from participation, and understand the developmental history and problems which communities have encountered. In addition to developing the capacity to implement public participation in youths, students could also interact with one another to share their own experiences, knowledge learned and creativity while providing feedback and suggestions regarding subsequent developments in communities visited.
III. Outstanding Team Experience Sharing and Proposal Drafting
The training event for this plan invited the best policy development teams, award winning volunteer teams, award winning community participation action plan teams to share their experiences. Youth are guided towards how they can put their passion for public affairs into action through the “proposal drafting” course. This enables youth with the passion to participate in public affairs to shift from watching on the sidelines to actual participants who change society through concrete actions.


Student group photo after field visitStudents listened carefully during the course of trainingStudents showed their group discussion.Students showed their group discussion on the stage