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Booking Tour Buddy Service

Tour Buddy Network, especially for Backpackers, is to attract international youth to Taiwan. Youth Development Administration has partnered with 11 schools to provide the International Youth Travel Tour Buddy Service Network as a service center for international youth travelers interested in traveling to Taiwan.

The service network has been set up by various colleges (including Tourism and Foreign Language students) to form three Tour Buddy Service Groups. Each service group was asked to recruit, select and train its own tour buddies, as well as establish local tour buddy service center, and provide two tour lines containing the best of local attractions with free tour guides for international youth travelers(appointments by phone call or email in advance). Service Groups were also asked to collect local tourist information in order to provide more useful information to youth travelers on the Youth Travel website at

 With volunteers from colleges across Taiwan, the Youth Development Administration hopes to promote Taiwans travel industry to international youths by introducing Taiwans high mountains, island scenery, diverse culture, friendly people and great food through the eyes of its youth.