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2017 Global Youth Trends Forum in Taipei

In response to the international practice and trend of sustainable development, and to promote international youth exchange, Ministry of Education, Youth Development Administration of Republic of China (Taiwan) is going to hold “2017 Global Youth Trends Forum- Youth Initiatives for Sustainable Development” in Taipei during 24th to 31st of October, 2017. All the foreign youth between ages 18-30 who concern related issues are welcomed to join the event and exchange with young people of Taiwan.

Major subject of the eight-day forum is the seminar hold on 28th and 29th of October that focus on sustainable development, and contains three topics, “Civic competence”, “Climate change” and “Green economy”. There will be multi-element and aplenty of agendas for youth to discuss and share. Meanwhile, the forum includes a series visiting to youth organizations and Youth Travel Spot of Taiwan that allows participants to experience local manners and feelings of Taiwan.

Last year, there were delegations participated in the forum from eight countries including Australia, Canada, Dominican Republic, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Lithuania. The forum invited Mr. Lord Pomperada, the President of World Youth Alliance and Mr. B.D.W.K. Karunarathna, the Vice Director of Ministry of Youth Affairs & Skills Development, Sri Lanka to be panelists, and shared their extensive experience in promoting Youth International Affairs that inspired participants and achieved lively interaction.

If you are interested in exchange relative issues with youth from various countries via participating in this forum, please visit the official website at for updated and integrated information, or contact Youth Development Administration (E-mail: