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Planning and Career Consultant Division

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Planning and Career Consultant Division

A、 Promoting youth career development

A、 Promoting youth career development
1. Training career guidance counselors
YDA develops training programs and teaching materials, and holds training courses for career guidance counselors to improve their professional capabilities.

2. Conducting career guidance research
YDA does research in the field of career guidance and develops career counseling reference manual, provides schools use to enhance the effectiveness of career counseling.

3. YDA,MOE Subsidy Directions for Promotion of Activities of Universities Career Counseling Program

B、Opening up youth workplace experience opportunities

1. Managing the RICH workplace network
YDA provides information on workplace experience learning opportunities, job-hunting skills, and work-study rights and responsibilities. We are a valuable partner for young people looking for part-time work and internship opportunities.

2. Holding a youth summer vacation community work-study program
YDA allows students to utilize their summer vacation to demonstrate their creativity and expand their horizons with community industries and social welfare organizations.

3. Expanding the civil service internship promotion program
for university students
YDA organizes primary and advanced internships to help students understand how the government functions and encourages young people to join the civil service through on-site internships.

4. Deepening On Light teen program
YDA provides training courses to help teenagers who have not pursued for higher education or found work to seek further education or employment.

C. Building innovation and creativity capacity

1. Holding Leadership Camp for Female College Students
Through curriculum and lecturer visiting activities, the training camp helps individuals to develop leadership potential, improve women's self-recognition and enthusiasm for public participation, and broaden their international vision. The purpose of this camp is to plant a seed in the female communities, which may sprout outstanding growth in the future, nourish students to develop their talents, and become excellent female leaders in all industries.

2. Holding Taiwan International Student Design Competition (TISDC)
YDA holds this competition for students in high school or above, under the age of 30. The international standard competition of fine work helps raise design quality. In the future we plan to hold exhibitions of the winning pieces at home and abroad to promote and display the fruits of design education in R.O.C.

3. Promoting U-START Program for university graduates
YDA encourages college graduates or students to express their creativity and apply what they have learned by forming business startup teams. The government provides a training ground for creative entrepreneurship to encourage youth who have the passion and commitment to start up their own business. This program helps colleges and universities set up courses and activities on creative entrepreneurship to train the next generation of innovative entrepreneurs. When appropriate we use flexible and creative micro business incubation to energize future economic development, train innovative entrepreneurs, and create an atmosphere of creative startups on college campuses.

4. Holding General and Vocational High School Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest
Through holding promotions and briefings, YDA encourages high-school and college students to form teams and enter the Ironman Creativity Contest. It combines knowledge of science and technology, multidiscipline ideas, productivity and other functions, which stimulates youth to explore and create on their own initiative, and train students to be multi-productive.