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Promote Youth Volunteer Participation Plan


In order to encourage youth participation in volunteerism, the Youth Development Administration (YDA) of the Ministry of Education is recruiting youth to engage in helping the impoverished, disadvantaged, implementation of sustainable development, and serving for other volunteer works, both domestically and overseas. Youth are also encouraged to dedicate themselves towards volunteer services related to the improvement of community welfare, care for new immigrants, cultivating local history and culture, promoting fair digital and other opportunities. The hope is to continually enhance the power of young volunteers and encourage volunteering trends to establish a culture of volunteerism in Taiwan.


I. Contribute to youth life experience and nurture outstanding world citizens:
• Help youths with learning about how to interact with others, work skills and good values through service.
• Nurture excellent youths of the new generation with broad perspectives and the ability to take action.
II. Strengthen service quality, expand topics of concern:
• Assist youths in realizing their potential. Reach out to places where help is most needed.
• Enhance the degree of benefits for the service region and those being served. Increase the number and proportion of youth taking part in volunteer services.
III. Establish a national youth volunteer service platform:
• Combine the power and resources of schools governmental departments, and civic organizations to strengthen the organizational network of young volunteer services, gradually achieving a new level of volunteerism in Taiwan.

C.Project Protocol

I. Strengthen Youth Volunteer Service Platform and Network
(I) Establish Youth Volunteer Centers:
• Establish 16 youth volunteer centers across Taiwan, and bring local governments, schools, and private organizations together as a strategic alliance to jointly promote youth volunteer service work.
• Develop local youth volunteer service platforms and networks from points, lines, to planes.
(II) Operation Youth Volunteer Service for Peace websites:
• Continually operate Youth Volunteer Service for Peace websites. Each youth volunteer center operates subsidiary websites for each center, with synchronous operation of Youth Volunteer Service for Peace Facebook group to provide youth volunteers with a variety of ways to obtain information.
II. Promote Youth Volunteer Service Philosophies
(I) Host youth volunteer event series:
• Set annual themes to host youth volunteer event series in March and April each year, at the same time as events are held overseas.
• Attract media and youth attention through hosting these series of events, recruiting more youth to take part in volunteer services.
(II) Promotion through utilizing various channels:
• Print posters and foldouts, and utilize new media channels to escalate and expand promotional efforts.
III. Develop Varied Youth Volunteer Service Plans
(I) Host self-organized youth volunteer team events:
• Combine related local resources to encourage youth volunteers aged 12 to 35 to organize teams on their own, expanding volunteer services in 6 major aspects: education, community, environment, culture, health and technology.
• Host training events to enhance service knowledge.
IV. Strengthen Youth Volunteers’ Service Knowledge:
(I) Host basic and special volunteer training:
• Host and supervise schools and youth volunteers of organizations basic training and special training in accordance with the Volunteer Service Act.
• Assist attendees in obtaining volunteer service record books so they can continue to carry out volunteer service.
(II) Hold pre-departure training:
• Conduct pre-departure seminars or training depending on the need of various events and projects of each unit before youth teams depart to enhance service knowledge of the young.
(III) Develop youth volunteer mentor mechanism:
• Recommend school teachers, professional NPO personnel with experience leading youth volunteers to form a team of mentors, assisting in local consulting and networking services in order to effectively lead and direct youth service.
V. Host Competitions and Recognition of Exemplary Behavior
(I) Select outstanding teams:
• Hold national competitions of outstanding youth volunteer teams; invite experts and scholars to form evaluation committees for the selection of outstanding teams.
• Awards and prize money are given to establish examples for youth volunteerism.
(II) Hold Youth Volunteer Service for Peace celebrations and awards ceremonies:
• Hold Youth Volunteer Service for Peace celebrations and awards ceremonies on international volunteer day to recognize the contribution and value of youth volunteer services.
(III) Handle overseas field visits and exchange affairs for representatives from outstanding teams:
• YDA staff will lead representatives who place first in various youth volunteer team categories on field visits in the Asia Pacific region to enhance the perspective and knowledge of youth volunteers.

D.Future Vision

Continually integrate youth volunteer service networks, construct a comprehensive youth volunteer service network through links and cooperation between governmental departments, schools at all levels and private organizations. Strengthen training of youth volunteers’ service knowledge and develop varied volunteer service plans to provide youth with opportunities to participate in volunteer service. Impact lives with lives as we nurture social concern amongst youth, constructing a society of outstanding citizens and fueling hope for the new generation.

E.Youth Volunteer Self-Organized Team Service Plan (2013-2015) Statistics


Number of Teams

Number of Service Participants