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Major policy

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  • Youngsters' On Light Project (the plan of training guidance providing vocational skills for youngsters finishing junior high schools but not continuing further studies.)

    To help youngsters finishing junior high schools but not continuing further studies and still waiting for a job to carry on learning or enter workplace, the Government ' s various departments have discussed and analyzed many times. It is found that there are three reasons why youngsters finishing junior high schools but not continuing further studies and having found a job yet:

    (A) Family's lack of money referring to domestic financial problem leads them unable to continu e school education.

    (B) Their unfitness for school's regular education causes their low academic achievement, unwillingness to continue further studies, or entering senior high schools or vocational high school with difficulties and finally dropping out.

    (C) Some of them who temporarily stop continuing further studies are willing to be employed but cannot find a decent job in the workplace because they have a poor academic degree and low skills at same time.

    For youngsters who are unsuitable for normal education-based schooling in the first and second items leading to their low academic achievement or unwillingness or temporary cessation of further studies, but who are willing to find a job, the Commission schedules “ Youngsters ' On Light Project ” to help them with a four-month training program including the three major courses – career exploration, experience education and employment capacity training. In addition, we also arrange “ work experience ” in which trainees can get a working allowance. After completing the four-month training program, trainees will be helped by us to proceed with assessment. We will further help them to join various career training centers to take more training or simply return to schools for further studies according to their interests and willingness. If some want to find a job, we will arrange them to do a full-time internship in the workplace for two months. When training courses and full-time internships in the workplace are finished, we will continue looking at their cases and follow them up with guidance for three months.

  • Fostering global mobility and expanding youths’ international perspectives
    In addition to training programs and exchange visits, the YDA provides youths with subsidies for international conferences and events as well as loans for overseas trips. Through the iYouth website that offers exchange information and opportunities, the YDA helps construct a learning environment where the world is a classroom for the youth, enhancing their knowledge and skills in international affairs as well as their ability to take actions as an international talent with global mobility.
    iYouth青少年國際交流資訊網Youth International Exchange Information