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Youth Travel in Taiwan

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1. Goal

In exclusive and socially conscious ways, encourage youth to get to know their hometown, travel all over Taiwan, develop a sense of passion and compassion for this land, and during the process of travelling go on a journey of self-discovery, experience diverse aspects of life, and promote a variety of travel experience learning programs.

2. Program contents

(1) Youth Travel Spots Program:
1. Introduction: In partnership with NPOs, colleges and universities, we help establish youth travel spots, to offer young people year-round ordinary but honest local services, including travel information and advice, backpack storage, and guided tours. In addition, we offer experiential and learning options around the seven themes of cultural, indigenous, ecological, agricultural, fishery, voluntary and physical activities, to let young people experience Taiwan’s local life and culture in diverse ways. 
2.Target participants: Young people aged 15-35 years old.
3. Period: Year-round.

(2) Touching Taiwan Youth Travel Program:
1. Introduction: We encourage youth to use creative ideas, in combination with a variety of ways to get to know Taiwan, so as to making dreams a reality. The travel plans are youth-initiated designs, with unique themes and charitable elements. Selected plans can receive partial sponsorship.
2. Target participants: 18-35 year-old young people.
3. Period: Annually from around February-November.

(3) Youth Experiential Learning Program:
1. Introduction: To implement the President’s education policy, through cross-sectoral cooperation we promote the “Youth Education and Employment Savings Account Project”, which centers on the “Youth Education and Employment Savings Account”. By extending the “High/Vocational High School Career Counseling Program” in tandem with the “Youth Employment Navigation Program” and the “Youth Experiential Learning Program”, we encourage young people to try out new life and international experiences, to help youth expand their horizons, see new things, and explore their own career paths.
2. Target participants: High/Vocational high school graduating students.
3. Period: 2017-2022.

(4) College Student International and Experiential Learning Program:
1. Introduction: To expand the international outlook and the strengthen global mobility of youth, we encourage colleges and universities to include the concept of the gap year in their curriculum, with clear learning themes designed by teachers, so that through their courses students can get a well-rounded and systematic education. In addition we guide students to make their own overseas travel experience-learning plans, based on their courses and areas of expertise.
2. Target participants: 18-30 year-old students.
3. Period:Once in each academic year.

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