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RICH Workplace Experiential Network

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RICH Workplace Experiential Network


The RICH Workplace Experiential Network offers students four goals in the spirit of Rising, Intelligence, Confidence and Health. YDA combines the strengths of the public, private and third sector to hold a variety of workplace experience projects, including: the college student public sector internship program, the youth summer vacation community work-and-study program, and the youth entrepreneur internship program, which are collected together on our website to give young people in education to quality work-and-study internship opportunities, to help youth built up career experience, so that they will enter the job market better equipped.

2.Program Content

(1) College student public sector internship program
1.Program introduction:
YDA coordinates with government bodies to offer current college students internship opportunities in the public sector, and provide internship subsidies. Through public sector internships we help young people learn about everything from attitude and mindset to practical facets, understanding how government operates, institutional culture and public policy formation, institutionalization and execution procedures, to encourage youths to engage in public affairs, learn about government operational mechanisms, and be in a better position to plan their future career development.
2.Internship period: Three internship cycles (April-May, July-August, October-November)

(2) Summer vacation community work experience program:
1. Program introduction:
We recruit NPOs that promote community industry and carry out social welfare work, to offer college students summer work experience opportunities, and provide salary. Young people can use their summer vacation to get workplace practice, boost their work experience, improve their employability, and their career planning ability. In addition, the program gives NPOs working on community industry and social welfare the creative and energetic young human resources they need.
2. Work experience period: Annual summer vacation (July-August).

(3) Economic independence youth work-and-study program:
1. Program introduction:
We recruit government bodies, state-owned banks, state-run companies or private institutions to offer young students from economically disadvantaged families long-term and summer vacation work-and-study opportunities. In the spirit of public-private cooperation, we improve care for youth from economically disadvantaged families, help them learn about and explore new areas, improve their career development competitiveness, and be better prepared for the future.
2. Work-and-study period: All year

(4) Youth entrepreneur internship program:
1. Program introduction:
We offer youth internship opportunities in start-up companies, and provide internship stipends. In addition to fostering young people with an entrepreneurial spirit, we help young people who are interested in starting their own company understand business start-ups, and find an outlet for their creative talents and expertise. This program helps start-up companies develop, makes them workplace experience zones, and helps young people learn by doing and explore new avenues, so that starting their own business is a future career option.
2. Program period: April-November each year.