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Youth Policy Union Project

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Youth Policy Union Project

1. Goal

(1) Establish a policy participation platform to open channels to policy engagement, and increase young people’s sense of responsibility for civil society.

(2) Train youth to be literate in policy participation, build their policy engagement capacity, and develop a force for concrete action.

(3) Promote deliberative democracy discussions, advance the development of deeper democracy, and help youth experience rational discussion and respect for diverse and quality democracy.

2. Program methodology

(1) This program mainly follows informal education systems to help young people engage in public affairs. Off campus participants are mainly 18-35 year-old, and on campus the target audience are college and university student union leaders.

(2) Through the “Youth Good Policy Activity Series”, “College and University Student Counseling and Promotion”, “Youth Consultation Organizations” and other programs and initiatives, we build the “Think, Communicate and Act” participation platform for youth to improve active engagement in public affairs on and off campus, public policy debate, and inject youthful ideas and creativity into the government machine.