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Public Affairs Youth Talent Training Plan

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Public Affairs Youth Talent Training Plan

1. Goal

Guide young people to understand the essence of public affairs and encourage them to participate; inspire youth to care for their locality with a global vision; build the capacity of youth for public engagement, rational thinking, empathetic dialogue and concrete action; and make steps to actively use diverse government channels to participate in public affairs.

2. Program methodology

Training of 18-35 year-old youth with a passion for public affairs takes place on a regional basis from July-August. Training content includes:
(1) Public affairs diverse issue lectures
The content of the training curriculum includes foundational, knowledge- and issue-based courses, to help students understand public affairs and become familiarized with current key Taiwanese social issues.
(2) Community participation actions
We arrange students to visit communities to carry out in-depth participatory learning and interactions, so through hands-on experience they can understand the process of community development and its resulting problems, to train youth to uncover local needs and solve problems.
(3) Experience sharing and breakout discussion
We invite youth team public engagement competition winners to share their experiences, and break into groups for discussion and presentations of their results, to lead young people to be actively involved in public issues in the future, and transform them from bystanders to practical participants, to transform society through action.