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The Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest

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The Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest


The Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest is an all-in-one hands-on challenge competition that trains high and junior high school students in problem solving, life aesthetics, knowledge accumulation, inter-discipline integration, diverse creativity, teamwork and other practical tools. Through holding an international invitational competition, we help raise the international outlook of Taiwan’s high school and junior high school students.

2. Program content

(1)  Program period and competition structure: The contest is divided into preliminaries, semifinals, and finals and an international invitational competition. The program runs annual from October to September of the following year. The preliminaries are usually held from December to February, with online registration. The preliminaries take place simultaneously in the north, central, south and rural area of Taiwan. In principle the completion takes 8 hours. Outstanding teams from the first round (66teams are selected) go on to the final. The finalists must work for 72 continuous hours (to test their endurance) on the thematic design, production and testing of a “something out of nothing” product for the judges to score. During the 72-hour contest, there are additional challenges for the participating teams to pass, with the main goal of giving the teams the equipment they need to complete their product. The team that passes all the challenges and gets the highest score is crowned the challenge winner, and can claim a prize of NT$80,000. To encourage Taiwanese students to expand their international outlook, the contest is held annual in July-August, and the finalists who come first, second and third in the Taiwanese national contest, can compete together with invited international teams (one team per country, and each year we invite 6-8 teams), to choose the final international first, second and third place winners. The champion wins NT$150,000, the runner-up NT$80,000, and the third-place team NT$50,000. For details see the specialist program website

(2)   Participants: High school level school students only. Each team must have at least 4 members and no more than 6 members. You must register as a team. Because the scope of the questions is very broad, we encourage teams to have members who are experts in different fields.