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Global Youth Trends Forum

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1. Goal

To expand international cooperation on youth affairs, advance youth international exchange at home and abroad, we started hosting the Global Youth Trends Forum in 2013. Over the years, we have invited overseas youth groups to Taiwan, bring the world to our doorstep, creating an exchange platform for youth, which builds a friendly bridge between local and international youth, for them to discuss their perspectives on international trends and events together, helping broaden young people’s international outlook and improving global mobility.

2. Program content

1. Target participants in the Forum are young people from home and abroad. The local youth are 18-35 year-old youths chosen for their interest in international participation. Overseas youth are invited through Taiwan’s overseas diplomatic embassies and offices, who ask one youth affairs organization to form a team of 6-8 young representatives to come to Taiwan.

2. The Forum mainly includes visits and two days of discussion. Regarding the visits, depending on the theme of the Forum we arrange appropriate YDA travel spots, government organizations, international affairs organizations or foundations for study tours, which helps foreign participants understand the status of Taiwanese social and cultural development. In addition, we also select Taiwanese youth ambassadors, who are responsible for hosting visitors to Taiwan, helping the exchange go more smoothly.

3. In terms of the Forum, we will invite overseas youth organization leader to come to Taiwan to be a panelist in the opening session, to share their thoughts and feelings on promoting youth issues. In addition we will provide diverse activities, including: an exhibition of the unique cultures of the attending countries, expert lectures, country reports, breakout group discussions and a thematic summit meeting. We advance local-overseas youth interaction and exchange, to together develop creativity, brainstorm ideas, and together galvanize youth action advocacy.

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