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International Affairs Youth Talent Training Plan

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1. Goal

Through training youth in international exchange know-how, we aim to strengthen engagement and mobilization in international affairs, elevate youth to be skilled in international exchange – equipped, internationalized, globally competitive and aware of their civic responsibilities. The goals are to build up international exchange capacity and ability, strengthen youth international outlook, and raise Taiwan’s international image and visibility.

2. Program content

1. We hold youth international affairs elite training courses in April-June regionally around Taiwan, and encourage 18-35 year-old youths to take part. The international affairs training course guides young people to understand international trends, and through practical mock exercises, youth are guided to be passionate about and active in international affairs, to become practical participants in the future, improving youth interest and engagement in international affairs.

2. We select and send 18-35 year-old youth overseas to join an exchange program in July-August. The international affairs elite study group goes overseas on an international exchange trip, to strengthen international organization exchange and cooperation, and boost youth international competitiveness.

3. To encourage youth to express their creative influence, in staged trainings after the overseas exchange visit, in October we host an international affairs results sharing and seminar, for the young people in the study group to share their results of their overseas exchange visit. We also invite youth with practical experience to share at the seminar. Registration is open to young people aged 18-35 years old, to increase the impact of the event, improve the international outlook of Taiwanese youth, and strengthen international participation and practical action.