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Meeting "Human Resource Director" at National Cheng Kung University Characteristics of NCKU Career Development Division

NCKU Institute of International Business was subsidized by the Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education to handle the 6th HR Forum in order to assist students to plan their career through close contact with industry leaders. This topic includes: "Learning from leaders", "How to be interesting" and "Industry-University Cooperation". Among them, the section "Learning from leaders" invited senior executives from internationally renowned enterprises such as human resource managers and general managers to teach students how to explore different fields of work, and to tell them what talent selection criteria are used by enterprises, which attracted the most students. HR Forum attracted more than 1000 participants, not only from National Cheng Kung University, but also from 43 other colleges and universities and 136 business people.

Shi Chunxiang, a first-year master student in NCKU Institute of International Business, said he had the opportunity to face-to-face listen to the first-class people in the industry to share their own experiences, and then he got many different visions for his career planning. In addition, Shi, who is interested in the financial industry, has also signed up to participate in the NCKU Career education program, and he was also a study group leader of CTBC Holding and studied banking practice with other members in the program. At present, he is looking for internship opportunities for enterprises and hope to have more contact with the financial industry, which can help him to lead to his future career.

Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education has been promoting the Career Development Program in order to provide various career development activities to help young students complete their own life plans. For more information, please refer to "YDA Career Development Information Platform" (