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Career Counseling for Indigenous Students in Shin Chien University

Pass Down Atayal Dyeing and Weaving Skills & Circular Economy featuring Ramie

Shin Chien University received a subsidy from the Youth Development Agency of the Ministry of Education in 2020 to implement a vocational training program featuring indigenous fashion to pass down traditional handicraft skills and train young talent. Shin Chien University cooperated with Yetong workshop, which was led by Yuma Taru, an honored national living treasure for Atayal traditional weaving and Prof. Hui-Mei Cheng from the Department of Fashion Design of Shin Chien University. Students visited Taiwan Indigenous Dinavun Development Association of L’olu community in Miaoli for designing diverse career development programs for indigenous students. An Atayal dyeing and weaving skills workshop at the Mepuwal community and diverse and innovative activities were organized to help indigenous students to better understand themselves. By practicing their respective indigenous traditions and cultures as well as establishing local connections to their daily lives, they will be able to create more possibilities for their future career development.