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Tastu Lumah (We are family.) Career counseling for indigenous students at Chang Jung Christian University

Under the guidance of Youth Development Administration of the Ministry of Education, Chang Jung Christian University Indigenous Student Resource Center cooperated with the Career Development and Alumni Center to provide more than two hundred indigenous students with various innovative career activities using the Tastu Lumah platform. This has not only helped them understand themselves and discover the links between professional skills and social demands but also has led them onto their own career paths.

           Tastu Lumah was established by students themselves. The name "Tastu Lumah" comes from the Bunun language meaning "one family". It is hoped that young people who have left their hometown can gather together, exchange and share each other's culture and community, support and learn from each other.

           Chang Jung Christian University does not establish a single indigenous department or college so that all indigenous students can acquire professional knowledge from various departments and have time to study and communicate with non-indigenous students. Counseling for indigenous students is based on the Tastu Lumah platform, combined with on-campus and off-campus career counseling activities and indigenous students activities in order to help them enter the workplace.

   Tseng, a junior from the Bachelor Program in Southeast Asian Cultures and Industries, was introduced to join the Tastu Lumah by her classmates. Through the sharing of community culture, she wanted to return to Tomiyac in Taitung, her father's hometown. And the TTSTYLE FOOD Program of Taitung County government has planned "diets and foods" to help people understand the land and cultures. As a result, Tseng set up a goal to develop tourism as well as cultural and creative industries in her hometown.