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Deliberative democracy for dummies

Source: Youth Development Administration

Organizer:Tao Chungchieh

Telephone: (02)77365176


Media contact person: Huang Chiating, Section Chief

Telephone/Mobile: (02)77365172/0919-209046


What is deliberative democracy? What impact could it have on deepening democracy at home and abroad? Using elements of fantasy-themed video games, the Ministry of Education’s Youth Development Administration (YDA) has developed a free online course called Youth Level Up—Deliberation Mission. Now you can learn about deliberative democracy in a stress-free way, anytime and anywhere. The course is currently available by registering on the event website.( ) Following the initial launch when the course went online, there will be a second round of online learning activities from March 17-22. Users who complete the activities will get the chance to enter a prize draw. Check the Young Politicians Union Facebook page (/YPU.NYC) for details.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our way of life, including the way we learn. Almost overnight, online learning has become the norm. The YDA has designed the online course by drawing on its extensive experience in promoting deliberative democracy and using the task-oriented video game format popular with young people to help users understand the political theory. In just 120 minutes, anyone can get to grips with deliberative democracy and learn about its history and future development. The fun and addictive game is the best introduction to the consensus-building model of democracy.

Apart from the online course, a physical training will take place in Taipei on May 1-2. By joining the program, as well as understanding the ins and outs of deliberative democracy and open government, participants will also learn how to initiate a deliberative discussion. Because YDA’s Let’s Talk program requires the deliberative democracy method be used to conduct discussions, young people who are interested in applying to host a Let’s Talk event should also sign up for the training. Young stakeholders who meet the requirements (aged 18-35 years old) should apply online ( )before April 18.